About Me

I am a full-stack JavaScript developer with a PhD in computational particle physics and a love of using web technologies to improve people's lives. I understand the transformative power of technology, and I believe in making it understandable and accessible to everyone.

I am adept at taking digital ideas from conception to widespread use, with experience in setting up, using, teaching and administrating Linux systems; technical consultancy and content creation; science communication and education; and theatre production and performance.

This unique combination of technical and communication skills has led me through a number of interesting projects. Read more about them below, or if you have a need for this blend of know-how, don't hesitate to drop me a line.



I have contributed to several projects run by Edinburgh Science Worldwide, mainly developing and delivering educational content for the Cyber Quest programme in the United Arab Emirates.

My roles have included:

  • Developing and delivering content for technical workshops aimed at secondary school and university-level students
  • Consultancy on technical concepts, and creation of technical training guides
  • Leadership and technical training of teams of science communicators
  • On-the-ground workshop delivery


I hold a Ph.D. in computational particle physics and an M.Sci. in Physics and Astronomy, both from the University of Glasgow.

My Masters project involved research into lattice quantum gravity under the supervision of Dr. Jack Laiho, and my doctoral research was in the field of lattice QCD under the supervision of Prof. Christine Davies.

My PhD thesis, entitled "Properties of charmonium and bottomonium from lattice QCD with very fine lattices", is available online, and I am a co-author on the following high-energy physics papers:

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